Thursday, March 17, 2016

Apple Cloud Means Business

If you enjoy your Apple products, than you might also be receiving a reminder that your iCloud storage is almost full.  Upgrade for a buck a month and assure that your photos and other data is saved.  Or change your settings and backup frequently to your computer.  Most of us don't do the latter and a buck a month for security also gives us piece of mind.

But iCloud storage is also big business.  With so many iPhone and iPad customers, the revenue can add up.  Apple has been using Amazon for its storage business but now, according to Business Insider, Google may have won a big piece of the business.  And splitting the cloud business offers some redundancy should the need arise.  But the move to Google may also make for good business strategy.

As Google pays Apple to be the search engine for its devices, the risk of losing that revenue always exists.  By spending money with Google for cloud support, their relationship adds more wrinkles and perhaps more leverage in other financial business dealings.  How long this lasts remains to be seen.  Given the dollars that come to Apple from iCloud storage, it may soon be time to bring this business internal and cut out the third parties like Google and Amazon. 

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