Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Its Time For Cable Operators To Transform Their Business

For cable operators to worry about the number of cable subscribers is old school.  It is time that they re-examine their business model and transform themselves for the 21st Century.  If you ask a cable operator what their business or mission is, the most likely response may be that they are the conduit for entertainment, communication, and data.  Unfortunately subscriber numbers are falling, growth across their businesses are slowing and they are consolidating to find greater efficiencies.

It is time for cable operators to be greater than the sum of their parts.  Just as Google has renamed itself Alphabet to become more than just a search engine, cable operators need to be more than just a conduit to bring wire and wireless to the home.  They need to make their mission Smart Home Makers.

As a Smart Home Maker, the business becomes more than just bringing a wire to the home, it involves being a full service provider from smart door locks to home security and video surveillance, from HVAC partnerships to data cloud security.  From full home wiring to high performance wireless streaming.  Cable and broadband become just another piece of being the Master of the Client's Domain.  Along with training to the homeowner, the cable operator becomes the key player in growing the smart home universe.  And the revenue comes from installation to maintenance and monthly service packages.

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