Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Howard Stern Sticks With Sirius

Despite the possibility that Howard would leave satellite radio to be the king of streaming media, including a starring role with Netflix, Howard agreed to a new 12 year deal with Sirius radio that includes streaming video.  And I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last deal Howard does before he seeks retirement.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Howard agrees "to stay on the air for five years as part of a 12 year deal with the satellite radio company that includes its first foray into streamed video programming."  What Howard intends to create with this video deal remains to be seen.  Given the ownership of Sirius Radio, Liberty Media and John Malone, the possibilities of a competitive streaming service to Netflix could be in the works.  Howard creates unique content that will be well monetized. 

For Howard Stern fans that have followed him from terrestrial radio to satellite radio, it means they will continue to get their fix of Howard throughout the day.  The concern that his days on the air were over and he was ready for retirement may have been a few years premature.  For at least 5 more years, listeners will be able to enjoy his astute interviews, viral fan base, and an assortment of characters. 

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