Wednesday, November 25, 2015

TiVo Keeps Adding Subscribers

TiVo seems to be doing what other cable boxes cannot.  With a single box to manage all cable and OTT content to the television screen and mobile devices, customers seem to like their approach.  Their latest third quarter results have them gaining over 400,000 customers in the quarter through their cable partnerships and now have almost 6.5 million total customers.  According to Multichannel, its one of their strongest quarters to date.  With the release of their latest set top box Bolt and the start of the holiday season, the fourth quarter could continue to be strong for them.

Of course this is all happening as cord cutters continue to strike at the cable operator.  It seems that offering TiVo to their customers might be a good defensive strategy to keep customers from dropping cable.  Internal pressures might also worry TiVo with current CEO Tom Rogers leaving his post in February 2016.  How that might affect the future strategy of TiVo remains to be seen.  For now, TiVo is on track to exceed 7 million homes by early next year.

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