Monday, November 16, 2015

The iPad Pro Goes Big

While Millennials seems to enjoy their smaller smartphone screens over a tablet, they like the larger size smartphones over the smaller screens.  So the introduction of the iPad Pro, a much larger size screen seems counter intuitive to the mass appeal audience.  Walt Mossberg, in his re/code review, doesn't see the iPad Pro as a replacement for the laptop.  I agree.  I believe the laptop is uniquely qualified to handle certain applications, and especially useful for student and business applications.

Still, I believe the iPad Pro can find a strong niche use in commercial and industrial applications.  The added value of the stylus may be appealing to some, although the shear size of the screen may be the most important feature.  Will the average consumer want to go big with the Pro?  We will have to watch the Christmas Holiday sales to see who might be purchasing the device. 

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