Saturday, October 17, 2015

Undateable Shows Live To Catch Viewers

There is something about live television that works.  Perhaps it is reminiscent of the Golden Age when TV was learning its craft and partly the notion that with live TV comes the danger of mistakes and unknown outcomes.  Live has made Saturday Night Live a better comedy show able to capture the latest news into its broadcast and deliver immediate outcomes.  And the format is being used at 8pm on Friday Nights with the show Undateable.

A serviceable comedy from creator Bill Lawrence, the series in its third season has decided to broadcast Live to create a more lively product.  The set looks like parts of the old Cheers set, and hopefully the magic pays off for Undateable.  The jokes are a bit lame but the writing incorporates the jokes of being live with breaking the fourth wall and of course mistakes from flubbing lines.  But somehow, it all seems to work.  The show is fun to watch and the cast seems to like the danger of live TV.  Music and special guests inhabit the bar to make a breezy comedy.  The hope is that the plots continue to tighten and the second bananas on the show further shine to create a more complete ensemble.  Overall, broadcasting the show live has raised the bar and the potential to becoming a better show. 

I will watch but I worry that shows I like tend to get cancelled.  I can only hope that this show is one of the exceptions. 

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