Monday, October 12, 2015

NAB Wants To Leverage Merger To Reform Broadcast Rules

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) hopes to gain rules reform for broadcast ownership by tying its attempt to the Charter -Time Warner Cable merger efforts.  And the NAB hopes it has some leverage to suspend merger talks till it gets its own reforms.  While the link may not be apparent, the need for new rules is.  Still, it is unlikely that the FCC will pay attention to such a move.

Consolidation in the cable industry makes sense, especially given the connectivity issues to create efficiency for wire and wireless speed and usage.  Separately, broadcast ownership rules should also be reviewed given the changing relationship between broadcaster and viewer.  The rise of broadband applications have created new opportunities that compete head on with broadcasters. 

So if the NAB feels the need to argue for more reforms given the changing landscape, they should.  But their argument should in no way be linked to what the FCC is reviewing to allow Charter and Time Warner Cable to merge. 

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