Friday, September 11, 2015

Thanks For The Memory

The new Apple iPhones have been announced and my kids are ready for their upgrade.  The reasons range from battery problems to the chic factor, but regardless they both want to get their hands on the iPhone 6S.  Am I made of money?  Of course not and Apple knows that too so with their latest announcement comes word that they are willing to provide my kids with annual upgrades to their phone for a monthly fee. 

So the next question is how much memory to choose and frankly, selling a 16 GB phone is a joke.  Given the number of photos taken, songs and videos, not to mention apps, 16GB is used up before we even start.  And the phone requires unused memory each time a new version of iOS needs to be installed.  Of course Apple makes more money with higher memory options and likely better profit margins as well.  So why does Apple even bother to sell a 16GB phone when they know that 64 GB is more the minimum needed; in fact it might just be time to offer a 1MB version.   Wait a few more years and even that amount of internal storage won't be enough. 

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