Monday, September 28, 2015

I'd Rather Have A Waterproof Apple Watch

The Apple iPhone 6s has just been released and already there are rumors floating that the next iPhone model will be water resistant.  To that news I say so what.  If your phone is going to get wet, it is more likely that it will get a good dunking.  Some say dropping a wet phone in rice helps to dry it out and perhaps even get it to work again, but I say don't risk it.

Instead, Apple should be developing a waterproof Apple Watch.  That means you can take it into the pool or shower or ocean and it will continue to work.  It certainly would open up new opportunities for apps to make the iWatch more useful.  And with little cause to worry if the watch gets wet, even when just washing dishes or the baby, the Apple Watch becomes a much more practical device.  Until then, you might just be safer wearing your Timex or Casio. 

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