Friday, August 14, 2015

What's Next For Apple OTT

Apple supposedly has plans to announce iPhone updates, newer iPads and perhaps a new Apple TV box, but one thing that may not be mentioned is a new OTT service.  Per Bloomberg, Apple has not been able to close enough license fee deals with content creators to create its own low cost bundle of linear and on demand channels.   Unlike the creation of a music subscription service, building a video subscription service has been a much bigger problem for Apple. 

The planned event date is September 9 so Apple still has a month to try and cobble some deals together for their big day.  It is always possible that last minute negotiations could garner a big deal.  But if not, I have an idea.  With all its free cash, its technical expertise, its well regarded management, should Apple consider buying a distribution platform.  Hello Dish Network and its Sling TV service, its Apple and I may have a deal for you. Hello Sony, its Apple, would you sell us Playstation Vue; Hello Netflix, its Apple, can we talk?  If Apple can't build it from scratch, buy one and grow it.  Isn't that the strategy your using with Beats to build out your Apple Music subscription. 

If that doesn't work, go after some cable networks.  Hello AMC, good morning Scripps, welcome Viacom.  Maybe Apple should start buying ans consolidating its own group of networks to gain some leverage over other content companies.  A solution that solves their problem and an opportunity to diversify into digital content that runs their infrastructure of products.  If any company has the financial resources to do it, it is Apple. 

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