Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Could You Live Without Your Voicemail

According to a number of articles, Apple is testing ways to have voicemails transcribed into text.  Currently, my Comcast phone service does the exact same thing.  Messages left on my home phone, including reminders from CVS that my prescription is ready gets transcribed and sent to my Apple iPhone.  It certainly enables me to delete the voicemail without ever having to listen to it.

Of course, not all efforts at transcribing go off perfectly.  It always seems that the Comcast service mishears a portion of some messages and that requires me to listen to get the true message.  In those cases, I am grateful that I have both options.  That Apple wants to offer a similar service for cellphone voicemails would be a nice option; still, I wouldn't want to eliminate the original voicemail just yet.  Will a SIRI transcription service eventually replace voicemail entirely.  The sad truth is that text loses inflection, it misses humor or sarcasm or just the unique marvel of each person's unique speaking habits.  For commercial voicemails, text is preferred; but I still like hearing the voices of friends. 

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