Monday, August 10, 2015

Apple App Store Keeps Growing

Concern that Apple is only the iPhone may miss the bigger picture.  The latest incarnation of iOS, the sales of desktop and laptop Macs, the rise of iPads in enterprise operations, and the future generations of Apple Watches, along with annual upgrades of the iPhone has created an infrastructure that easily and efficiently communicates among itself.  And with the next model release of the iPhone next month means more upgrades, more switching from Android to Apple, and more growth.  And what runs all these devices, the Apple App Store!

Count in the revenue from that business, 1.7 billion in July, according to Techcrunch, and Apple is a behemoth that continues to grow.  Consumers that are buying the iPhone are likely to build households that include other Apple devices.  And as content and apps can run easily across devices, the usefulness of these devices continue to increase as Apple markets and sells more apps to run across their devices.  The Apple App Store generates revenue bigger than other retail operations.

International expansion, more users, more apps and more content will only drive this growth forward.  And likely drive more excess cash to invest in other opportunities from automobiles to subscription services, from commercial operations to financial services.  In fact, it has already started.  Their App Store may be just another line item on their business plan, but it keeps delivering bigger and bigger numbers to the bottom line. 

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