Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cable TV And Internet Last In Customer Satisfaction

Today's New York Times shares a study that confirms what most of us know, that we don't care much for our Cable TV and Internet providers.  According to the study, "Of the 43 industries on which the survey solicits opinions, TV and Internet companies tied for last place in customer satisfaction."  Of course among these providers, some may rank higher than others, the overall consensus is that the industry has done a poor job of listening to customer complaints or improving service. 

Perhaps most apparent, beside You Tube videos of sleeping cable technicians, is that the price-value model is not working.  The combination of subscription pricing combined with an ever increasing load of advertising has caused consumers to seek other solutions.  They are fleeing to over the top (OTT) content providers and cutting the cord to their cable service.  As service remains stagnant and prices continue to rise, satisfaction will keep falling as more consumers cut the cord. 

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