Friday, May 1, 2015

Tesla's Battery Revolution Is Starting

Despite all the focus on Apple Watches and missed mergers, Tesla and Elon Musk continues to focus on energy.  Environmentally friendly, useful, and efficient, Tesla Energy looks to be making quantum leaps in energy storage and use.  Their latest announcement yesterday was to the point, "a suite of batteries for homes, businesses, and utilities fostering a clean energy ecosystem and helping wean the world off fossil fuels." Not just for the automobile, but clean energy to power your home and office.  

As a start, it may be viewed as a replacement to a gas-powered generator, useful for blackouts and other emergencies, but with great implications for future use.  Most excitedly, it is designed to use with solar to create a renewable, zero-emission, and ultimately inexpensive power source.  And like any first generation product, it will no doubt see improvements in the coming years.  

Of course adoption and ease of installation remain to be seen but given the risk of brown outs during the hot summer months and full blackouts could make this product a must have for some consumers.  And reducing the demand on our power grid makes this a worthwhile investment. 

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