Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Will The Key Business Die Like The Horse And Buggy

How many keys do you keep on your key chain?  The house key, the car key, an office key perhaps.  What if you could leave your keys at home and let your smartphone access all those locks and more.  That is the discussion in today's Business Insider.  But according to the article, both Apple and Google envision a keyless future. And according to the article, "Apple and Google both need these businesses because they are so big.

Consider the applications that your smartphone or Apple Watch could enable: entry and ignition in your car, entry into your home and office, access to a hotel room, and the ability to authorize access and use to others.  Wherever authorization is required, the smartphone can replace your key or smartcard to gain entry.  And wouldn't that be nice to no longer have to find your keys. 

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