Monday, April 13, 2015

Apple Watch Preorders Surge

It may take weeks, perhaps months to put one on your wrist, yet despite the backlog, Apple has sold 1 million Apple Watches on just its first day.  A huge number consider that " just 720,000 Android Wear devices were sold throughout all of 2014"  according to Business Insider.   Whether the Apple Watch is considered a product winner will take years to finally determine.  In the meantime, it simply represents a small slice of the Apple marketplace which is fundamentally determined more by the number of iPhones sold then anything else they offer.  Heck, even their iTunes music and app store is a side business compared to the iPhone. 

The fact that a million customers were willing to pay $350 or more for a first generation device indicates how strong the Apple base is.  Certainly the number of sales will drop in the coming weeks, perhaps spiking a bit when inventory is available at their stores.  Still, their enthusiasm and love of Apple will encourage more apps to be created for the Apple Watch and more uses uncovered.  And as next generations of Apple Watches are released, more growth will be delivered.  Give it a couple years and you will probably find yourselves buying a new iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time.  And maybe then they will rename it the iWatch. 

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