Monday, March 9, 2015

Will Apple Convince Us We Need An Apple Watch?

In just a few hours, Apple will unveil its latest product to the public.  Other than product refreshes, Apple hasn't released a new product since the iPad.  With today's press conference, we will finally learn about all the new features, functions, and benefits of the Apple Watch; and most importantly, the Apple Watch will reach its retail stores and the general public will be able to more closely see and feel them.

A number of questions come to mind as the Apple watch is released.  Will it deliver a uniquely different experience than other smart watches out already?  Will it do more than current health trackers like the Fitbit, Microsoft Band, Vivofit and others?  Will watch wearers replace their current watch with an Apple Watch and will non-watch wearers want to start wearing a watch?    Is the price point a stumbling block or a non-issue?  Can Apple convince consumers that the Apple Watch is a must have product?

Stumbling blocks for me are first and foremost the price.  Second is the utility and value that would drive me to need it.  And third is the battery issue.  If the Apple Watch can't last a full day without a recharge, then a dead device on one's wrist has no vale whatsoever.  If Apple can convince the public that they can't live without it and that it lasts the whole day, then they likely have another win on their hands; if not, it may be a major miss for Tim Cook and his team. 

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  1. The Apple marketing team is definitely good at convincing consumers they need the latest device. With everyone wearing fitness devices on their wrists, the watch could be a success.