Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Connectivity Brings Le Freak Out

The issues of security and privacy will not go away; as long as there exists devices to stop unwanted entry, there are people destined to break in.  The latest security breach is called "Freak" and affects mobile devices including iPhones and Android, as well as Mac computers.  So get ready to Super Freak, to Get Ur Freak On, to Le Freak, or simply Freak Like Me.  Okay, enough song title references.

According to re/code, "The vulnerability in Web encryption technology could enable attackers to spy on communications of users of Apple’s Safari browser and Google’s Android browser, according to researchers who uncovered the flaw."  Once discovered, corrections are being made and software updates will follow.  But it is only a matter of time till another bug is discovered, another flaw exposed, and folks with dishonesty on their minds will seek to take profit from it. 

This cycle of hacking to exploit data for nefarious means will never end.  The more sophisticated the encryption, the bigger the challenge and drive to try and expose it.  Never ending, we will be faced with stories like these for many, many years.  Think The Imitation Game but with bad individuals hacking into our personal and financial information.  Perhaps The Matrix is right, we might need to consider getting off the grid. 

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