Monday, February 23, 2015

Scotty, We Need More Power

The Internet Of Things, Connectivity, Accessibility, and Always On are the buzzwords we hear these days as our smartphones and tablets and other online devices are discussed.  But what runs all these devices, heck, what runs Tesla cars and other cars that Apple and Google and others may be developing, are batteries.  The power from these charged devices let us move, connect, share, and do so many more things.  All good until the power runs out. I mean how many times has your smart phone used up all its battery before the day was over?

How far can a Tesla drive on a single charge, how long will an Apple Watch last before it needs to be plugged back in.  We are constantly seeking cords and outlets to keep our smartphones and tablets charged, hoping that they will last the full day (and perhaps longer) before running on empty.  But as we look to connect more and more devices without being constantly plugged in, we put a lot of faith in our batteries to maintain and run without failing us before we are done with them.

What seems to be needed is a quantum leap in battery capacity and perhaps even the ability to recharge without being physically plugged in.  Can outdoor usage with solar and wind help new electric cars to maintain or even add power to the existing battery?  Can the concept of kinetic movement help a smartwatch or smartphone to wind itself and power the internal battery?  Or is there possibilities from organic matter that creates generation of power?  Along the way we hear Apple, Samsung, Google, and others focusing on the batteries that inhabit all of our devices to take us to the next generation of power and capacity.  It seems to me to be the next great innovation that we need to support our reliance on being constantly connected.  Until then, we will continue to search for charging stations, power cords with the right ends, and of course electrical outlets to keep our devices charged and ready. 

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