Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Apple's Next Big Product?

With all the focus on the release of the Apple Watch, it is clear that Apple wants to continue to innovate and attract consumers.  And while they are not always first in a field, they always seem to put their spin on a product category and build a sizable market base.  The iPod is a great example of a product released after other electronic companies came out with their own mp3 players.  The iPod took market share and eventually the lead because of a design that intuitively worked easier than anything else on the market. 

And so with all the focus on the Apple Watch release, Apple received a patent on a Go Pro-like, "remote digital camera system that can be controlled from a smartwatch", according to Techcrunch.  How soon this product is released remains to be seen.  Still it shows that Apple continues to look forward to new opportunities and in the case of the Apple Watch, seeks to make that product as unique as possible. 

What could Apple name this new wireless remote camera?  While Apple never put the i officially into its Apple Watch, it could make a comeback with the iCam.  Or they will simply call it the Apple Camera.  Suggestions are welcome.  How about iShutter, ActionCam, AppCam, or MovieCam.  And as for GoPro, it seems more competition may be coming. 

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