Thursday, December 4, 2014

NY Times Losing More Reporters

Pogue, Carter, and now ad columnist Stuart Elliott join the exodus of those leaving The New York Times.  Like Bill Carter, Elliott chose the buyout offered to him and others before layoffs were to be imposed.  And while the bottom line is that everyone is replaceable, their uniqueness can not.  But it certainly changes the value of the content for the NY Times.

Of course the only constant in this world is change and whatever comes next for the writing in the NY Times could be better or worse than what we are getting now.  The future is uncertain.  But like a good baseball team, we don't know who is in the NY Time farm system to rise from the ranks to replace these reporters.  Nor do we know if they plan to "trade" for them from another notable publication.  For now, all we do know is that an ever larger hole is opening that the Times will need to fill if they plan to stay a relevant media outlet.

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