Friday, December 19, 2014

Apple iPhone Portends Good Things To Come

With Apple's release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it regained market interest and put tons of pressure on other smartphone companies.  The latest iPhone release could also generate over 70 million units just in this latest quarter.  And with that number on the street, Apple should see even more good news in 2015.

For one, the release of the Apple iWatch likely requires the iPhone 6 to fully function.  With 70 million plus in sales, the iWatch could prove quite popular. In addition, Apple Pay also requires the latest iPhone.  With security issues facing us today and credit card numbers getting hacked as well, Apple Pay will enjoy increased acceptance and usage.  And that spells another driver in Apple revenue next year.  Lastly, more converts to the iPhone means more usage of the app store and growth in iTunes revenue.  A Beats music subscription might just attract new users too.

Beyond the iPhone and another model in late 2015, Apple will surely update its laptops, Apple TV, and iPads.  With schools embracing Apple computers and tablets and IBM partnering in enterprise applications, Apple can make significant inroads in new industries.  And lastly, Apple might actually surprise some of us with an Apple smart television set.  You never know. 

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