Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Spotify Loses While Taylor Swift Gains

Aside from her musical talent, Taylor Swift could also be described as a marketing expert.  Faced with digital disruption in the music industry, she caused a disturbance in the streaming music industry that helped to drive her album sales.  Fans couldn't listen to her album without paying for it, so they opted to pay for it.  The result, 1.3 million album sales in the first week.  We can only expect for total album sales to go higher.

Certainly Spotify was not truly hurt by the loss of one artist.  The challenge will be that others will follow the Taylor Swift strategy of promotion, limited streaming availability, and other marketing tactics.  Access to current musical content could cause Spotify and others to remodel themselves to maintain subscription growth. 

By the way, Swift's album 1989 was the first album to top a million in its first week in 2014 and currently ranks as the "second-highest seller overall, behind the Frozen soundtrack." 

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