Monday, November 10, 2014

Obama Wants Net Neutrality

With two years left on his presidency, President Obama has decided now is the time to speak out on net neutrality.  He has asked the FCC to pursue full net neutrality and to enable free and equal internet traffic for all.  Whether a data heavy, video driving site like Netflix or a low graphics, easy downloaded website, consumers should be able to access both equally as fast.  No HOV lanes, no slow downs by ISPs.  I'm almost surprised that he didn't try to have all broadband as a utility, subject to the same rules as water, gas, and electric.

The real challenges for the US regarding internet access are speed and price.  Shouldn't more be done to encourage wire and wireless competition.   Is net neutrality the better policy course to driving innovation and superior service?  Shouldn't the FCC focus instead on opening up more spectrum for more ISPs to enter and compete for users.  If internet speeds can be improved, then all traffic will thrive, whether they are in a slower or faster lane.  Then how fast any one piece of content is over another will be meaningless if there is no perceptible difference. 

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