Monday, October 27, 2014

DVR Fails For SNL, While Yahoo! Screen Delivers

Our cable dvr is set to automatically record certain programs, but doesn't always succeed.  In most cases, it cuts off programs before they end and every now and then fails to record at all.  Such was the case when I turned to the dvr on Sunday to catch up on last night's Saturday Night Live only to find that it didn't record.  I looked through the history but it failed as well to tell me what went wrong.  And going to our cable's on demand function was no better as the SNL episode was not immediately accessible.  But thanks to streaming, I had another option.

Opening up the iPad, I clicked on Yahoo! Screen and there was every skit and all the musical performances from the show.  And while You Tube carries certain clips from the show, it doesn't show it all.  The best part watching was that I did not have to endure one commercial to watch; the worst part was that buffering created certain delays that forced refreshing in order to watch.  Once each clip played, I was shown a short promo to watch SNL on NBC  and then the next clip would automatically start to play.  Yahoo! Screen proved to be a great solution to a cable dvr catastrophe. 

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