Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Clear Channel Rebrands To Reflect Its New Direction

Turn on an iHeart radio station and you know quickly where you have landed.  We are reminded incessantly about its iHeart radio app and that is not a bad thing.  No longer are they a single 'Clear Channel', the iHeart tag is multi-media.  And unlike subscription services, the iHeart app is free.  To me, the heart symbolizes more personalization and more emotion.  And the radio stations deliver with big energy.  So now, the corporate name has rebranded to reflect a this new connection and multi-platform experience.

Headed by CEO Robert Pittman, former head of AOL, this rebranding reminds us that iHeart Inc. is more than just a radio station, they are digital as well as event focused.  Other than the corporate name change though, what else is changing.  While this announcement enables multiple press releases, tweets, and blogs, like this one, the rebrand simply puts another stamp on what iHeart Inc. has been doing for quite a while.  I'm more interested in what comes next.

With a focus that includes digital, shouldn't Pittman consider adding video to the list of businesses that they run.  Live events could be syndicated or sold as pay per view and video adds more dimension to their reach.  Just check out You Tube as others post video music performances from iHeart festivals.  I'm not suggesting Pittman buy a music cable network but consider developing a robust video offering to add another platform to their business model.  The iHeart Inc rebrand move is a good first step,but what's next.


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