Thursday, August 21, 2014

Playstation Converted Xbox Users To Their Platform

According to a Nielsen report announced by Re/code, "an April Nielsen study found that 31 percent of PS4 owners did not own Sony’s previous console, the PlayStation 3, but did own an Xbox 360 or Wii."  And while no particular analysis has been confirmed, it seems that gamers may be a fickle lot. 

As a parent of a gamer, I was involved in the lunacy of announcements with both Sony and Microsoft introduced last holiday season new gaming platforms that required new games to use.  It meant that Xbox 360 games couldn't run on Xbox One and PS 3 games wouldn't run on PS 4.  My son is always looking at the next new game so that development led him to compare and decide which system best served his future needs.  And he, like the other 31 percent switched from Xbox 360 to PS4.

Would the outcome have been any different if these consoles enabled older versions of games to play, I'm not certain.  But I do know that by having both companies push new gaming platforms, they each pursued a strategy of touting platform superiority.  For Xbox, it was as both a gaming and entertainment console; for Playstation as a better gaming experience.  For pure play interests, PS 4 won.  Given that both companies embraced a due over of their respective platforms, it is a no-brainer that consumers would compare and pick based on which platform best served their interests. 

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