Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Apple Patents Smartwatch Called iTime

On the heels of its quarterly earnings, Apple also received a patent on its smartwatch design, labeled iTime.  Of course, this patent was first submitted 3 years ago, an eternity ago in the world of internet connectivity.  Much has changed, digitally, creatively, ergonomically that the smartwatch device could be either a breakthrough or an expensive timepiece.  Certainly, the design elements, as described back in 2011 didn't consider as much.  It seems almost as a placeholder.  While iWatch was a media created brand, thought up as an extension to its iPod, iPhone, iMac, iPad branding format, the release of the patent name iTime will not be the official brand name. 

Many expect Apple to schedule a product announcement release in the late Summer/ early Fall with a sale of the device in October, in time for the Holiday Season.  I suspect neither iTime or iWatch will be the official brand name for this smartwatch device when it is finally announced.  Its announcement would also tie in to one for the next generation iPhone.  

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