Thursday, June 26, 2014

Should Apple Buy A Content Company?

Given the power of content over distribution in the recent Aereo decision, other distribution companies might want to start to reconsider owning content to control the whole pipeline.  A unique scenario proposed in the Washington Post is that Apple should buy Disney.  With Amazon building original content to supply its own Amazon Prime subscribers, the idea might not seem entirely foolish.  Especially as its connection extends to its founder Steve Jobs.  But does Apple want to broaden itself so much away from its own closed architecture of products and media store?

Of course the odds against such a deal also seem overwhelming.  Apple tends to create, rather than acquire, and their acquisition strategy, until recently has been minor in size and scope.  An Apple-Disney combo could change the whole culture of both companies.  It could also cause Apple to lose vision on technical innovation as it worked to hard to find synergies of the content and distribution model.  Still, it is interesting to wonder what if. 

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