Thursday, June 12, 2014

Amazon Prime Adding Music Subscription

The Amazon Prime consumer has one more reason to stay a loyal subscription.  Not only do they get free shipping of their retail purchases and movie steaming, but now they can access a music subscription service as well.  Given all the noise of Apple buying Beats and Google building its music business, Amazon was quick to act.  Surprisingly, no one has tried to acquire any of the big players in the business, notably Spotify or Pandora. 

How will the Amazon Prime Music service compare against the others, I will leave that to the music experts.  But for those current Amazon customers that may have groused at the recent increase in their monthly fee, this offer may calm their concerns.  And for those potential Amazon Prime subscribers, the addition of music creates another valuable value-add to the mix to encourage someone to become a Prime customer.

The rise in music subscription streaming services will have ramifications verse download and purchase of albums and singles.  How much of a disruptor it is to the music industry remains to be seen.  But if you can access your songs at any time with a subscription, why own. 

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