Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Early Adopters Beware, Google Glass May Not Be Worth It

According to reports, Google might finally be moving ahead to sell their Google Glass product to consumers.  The retail price tag appears to be $1,500 which would make it a very expensive toy.  Cost wise, reports indicate that it may be way overpriced.  But if you have the money burning in your pocket, you may not care.

I just wonder if it really will deliver the value that you expect from the product.  You may in fact see signs popping up in places telling you that Google Glasses are prohibited.  These places could include movie houses, Broadway theaters, and every bathroom. And hopefully no one will be driving while wearing a pair of Google Glasses either.  "There are a lot of reasons not to buy Google Glass. It's super weird looking. It might get stolen off your face. People might think you're a creep." 

So will a Google Glass release become a hit.  Over time, prices will come down and hopefully it will demonstrate more capabilities that uniquely make it a must have product.  For now, it looks questionable. 

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