Friday, April 11, 2014

How Much Would You Spend On A Smart Watch?

Wearable technology, like the potential of the Apple iWatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the Pebble, Fitbit, Google Glasses, and more, has both the consumer market and the financial market on edge.  It is the next big thing and its development while nascent is expected to explode. 

With Apple, many expect that when they finally release their iWatch, its stock price will explode.  But given that a "stupid watch", can be had for under 10 bucks, what would you spend for a smart watch?  Samsung has priced its Galaxy Gear for around $300 while the Pebble can be found for a little more than $200.  Google Glasses, although not a watch, is expected to cost $1,500.  And according to today's news, an Apple iWatch could go for over $1000.  Other models could cost less, according to the NY Post article, but how much less to justify upgrading to the luxury model.

For early adopters, price will not be an issue for any of these devices.  But to get to scale, these prices will definitely go down. Ultimately, consumers will have to see the value that the device brings to justify buying these wearable technologies.  And if that demand can be generated, these devices will all become winners. 

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