Monday, March 17, 2014

Lots Of International Cable Buying

Its seems that cable ownership is getting pretty popular lately.  Here in the US, we've been watching the potential acquisition of Time Warner Cable, first by Charter and now by Comcast.  And internationally, we are hearing more news.

First up, the news that Vodofone, having sold its ownership of Verizon Wireless back to Verizon, has now purchased has Spanish cable and telecommunications giant Ono.  Today comes news that Liberty Global "has agreed to purchase the remaining stake it does not already own in Chilean cable operator VTR".  And while owning the pipes for cable TV is valuable, also providing broadband connectivity makes these deals even more interesting. 

For Liberty and John Malone, ownership of a piece of domestic cable operator Charter as well as its international ownership, truly makes them a global player.  And who knows what the next possible target might be. 

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