Saturday, March 8, 2014

Is AMC Networks For Sale?

Deadline Hollywood posed the question and offered some ideas as to who might be interested in buying the company with networks including AMC, IFC, WE, and Sundance.  Possible acquirers included Scripps (also thought to be for sale), Sony, CBS and others.  But the real question is, do the Dolans want to sell.  For many years, they have been reluctant to consider selling their Cablevision business as well as MSG which included MSG and the Fuse Network.  Months ago, Fuse was also considered for sale but believed to be at a price point too rich for many to consider.  Now with this speculation in Deadline Hollywood, I wonder if there is any fact behind the story or simply something to write.

Of course, one day all these Dolan properties will be sold, Cablevision, AMC, and MSG.  But as a family business, they won't likely sell till they are ready to walk away.  And for son Jimmy Dolan, the prospect of selling MSG and his beloved Knicks seems remote.  One day AMC and Cablevision, but not his Knicks. 

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