Monday, March 3, 2014

Apple TV Set Top Not A Bad Business

With all the focus on on iPads and iPhones, Apple's set top TV box, priced under $100, continues to do well.  Last year, it sold over a billion dollars in revenue of this product and since inception has "sold more than 13 million units of its 'hobby' product, compared with eight million for the competing Roku set-top."  Not bad numbers given that Apple spends significantly more of its time on its other product line. 

The good news is that Apple recognizes that the Apple TV is not the runt of the litter and plans to put more investment and time into this product.  The hope is that a next generation will be announced before the end of the year.  Having that expectation myself, I have held off buying the Apple TV set top; I am eager for that new release to finally purchase one for at least one of our HD sets. 

Of course, I believe more investors and enthusiasts are still more interested in what next new product will emerge.  Will it be a TV set, a product I don't believe they should release, or a wearable device, like the possibility of an iWatch.  I would be more excited to hear that news.  Until hten, congrats on the good news on Apple TV set top boxes; it may not be as sexy as an iPad or iPhone, but it is a welcome device in the home. 

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