Thursday, February 27, 2014

TiVo Winning Strategy Working With Cable Operators

TiVo seems to have found the winning strategy, partnering with cable operators to get their TiVo boxes into the home.  That resulted in them installing to more than 300,000 customers in their Q4 announcement, and an increase of 34% from the same quarter last year.  TiVo now has more than 4.2 million customers, an impressive number. 

I only wish my own cable operator offered TiVo as a set top choice; instead they are pushing their own Xfinity branded IP set top device.  "TiVo said it’s poised to make more progress with Comcast, which doesn’t lease TiVo boxes but has integrated its VOD service with retail-bought TiVo DVRs in select markets. After putting that plan on pause last year, TiVo said it and Comcast have since resumed that work and expect to complete the  deployment in all Comcast markets by June 30, 2014. Comcast markets in line to support VOD on retail TiVo boxes include Chicago, Atlanta and Houston." 

As TiVo continues to grow its base, the research that it draws from their boxes become more valuable to advertisers and to agencies.  Connecting the dots between household demographics, psychographics, and preferences and watched programs helps to make a more efficient advertising buy.   Its an exciting growth story for TiVo and for the premier DVR device. 

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