Thursday, February 6, 2014

Are You Ready For More Football?

Recognizing the rating success that NBC has gotten from Sunday Night Football, CBS has shelled out additional dollars to add Thursday Night games to the prime time window.  Despite the success of its current line-up, most notably The Big Bang Theory, CBS believes football generates higher revenues and better revenues.  So moving the Big Bang to another night seems the best next step.

As a football fan, I love Sunday afternoon for football and I am lukewarm about Sunday Night and Monday Night games given how late they start and end.  But it is unlikely to believe that these night games would ever start for the east as early as 7pm.  So adding another weeknight of football only dilutes the total enjoyment of Sunday football. 

Will I watch, it depends.  Most likely only when my team is scheduled to play.  Where I love watching all the action of all the football games on a Sunday afternoon, the lone Thursday and Monday game are simply outliers to the main action.  Yes dollars over the fan always comes first.  Fans will watch but expect to hear more grumbling. 

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