Friday, January 17, 2014

There Is Nothing Like TV (Set)

Let's face it, despite the rise of tablets, smartphones, and laptops, we still like to watch out TVs.  There is nothing like a big screen HDTV to watch a movie, sporting event, or any number of TV shows.  But we must also separate where that content is coming from.  No longer is it being driven by antenna or cable operators directly into our TV set; instead, options have multiplied as more and more devices sync with our big screen monitor.  We have Roku, Apple TV, and gaming devices like XBox One and PS4, connecting video content to the set; We have Chromecast, Blu-ray players, and more all with streaming media capabilities.  And the choice of viewing is almost unlimited. 

More amazing, we also have choice when deciding whether to watch our shows on the big screen or our personal handheld devices.  TV Everywhere continues to make progress so that our linear networks are viewable where we are and not just on the TV.  Still, my original premise holds.  When we plan to be sedentary for a while, there is nothing like the size, sound, and detail coming from a big screen HDTV monitor and surround sound speakers that makes all the difference in the world.

Should Apple make an HDTV to compete in the space with Samsung and others?  Many expect a smart, internet enabled, HDTV, to be announced this year. But my recommendation.  If Apple must build a screen, make it a dumb monitor and put all the connectivity into its Apple TV box.  Its already built and besides, Apple is building so many different size screens for its iPad and iPhone, why not build a 55" screen for the living room. 

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