Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Some CES Devices In Search Of A Problem

While I have not attended CES the last few years, I do enjoy reading and watching the various news media updates on the latest gadgets and devices being highlighted at the show.  But it makes me wonder whether they will be hits or misses.  In some cases, I hear about new products and wonder if they are trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist or even simply creating a solution to a problem they hope people will want solved.

As to misses, I remember the introduction of 3D TV and the accompanying 3D glasses and thought it was something I wouldn't want on the home.  Heck I don't generally like 3D in the movies.  This year, it is the release of 4K, higher resolution than current HD and I wonder how high is high.  I mean, our eyes can only register so much clarity and the rest is wasted.  And the memory requirements to download or store 4K content will only clog an already clogged and sometimes slow broadband stream.  So for me I say 4K doesn't fly with consumers.

I saw devices that provide you a constant commentary on your heartbeat and another wearable device that measure your  golf swing.  I swear other golfers will be fuming if you keep looking down at your tablet or smartphone during a game, and slowing down and distracting what is meant to be a social game.  And while knowing my heartbeat is nice, I don't need speakers to hear it. 

My biggest issue with wearable devices are the ones that cause distraction from our normal activities.  Don't look at your watch phone while driving or your smart bracelet or Google Glasses while walking across a street.  You might get hit by a bus and your heart beat won't matter anymore.

Need to replace your stove.  One new oven includes a tablet that will tell the kids when the dinner is ready.   That one made me chuckle.  So take some of these new consumer electronic announcements for what they are worth.  Some may become the next must have device and others simply solutions searching for a problem.

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