Friday, January 31, 2014

Are You Ready For The Big Game?

Of course that game is this weekends' Super Bowl and while a good bit of the action will be on the field, more seems to be riding off the field.  With skyhigh advertising costs to appear on the screen, big budgets to produce the most creative eyecatching mini-epics, and the pr to create in advance the social buzz, the game itself almost becomes an afterthought. 

The telecast is a spectacle from pre-game to post.  Where fashion watchers hype the red carpet before each and every award show, sports hypes the emotion, tension, and intrigue to raise our interest in the game.  And with the advertising in it, the Super Bowl attracts fans and non fans alike, giving us all something to watch and talk about.  In fact, it is a hard time to watch alone.  If not with friends at a party, or at a bar or restaurant, at least with social media to share the hype. 

And even cord cutters can watch the game.  While you may not have a cable or broadcast antenna, you can still find online streams to catch the action.  And if not, another reason to leave your front door and immerse yourself in the frenzy.  Whether your interest is in the football game itself, the ads, the social camaraderie, or all of the above, it is a spectacle to enjoy.  So, are you ready for the big game?  I know I am. 

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