Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sports Makes It Hard To Be A Cord Cutter

As many household know, sports fans can be crazy.  We will do most anything to watch our teams.  Out of market football fans find solace with DirecTv Football package while cable homes rely on NFL Redzone.  And for every type of sports interest from football to baseball to soccer to tennis, there is a channel or two devoted to it.  Which makes cutting the cable cord to watch the array of sports on TV almost impossible. 

The article in MarketWatch may represent more of a soccer interest but the author recognizes just how difficult it is to get access without paying for cable service.  An app here or there, an illegal streaming site perhaps, but the challenge in finding specific sports content without cable, "has made cutting the cable cord so difficult, if not impossible. "  Sure we can drop by the local pub to watch our games, but the cost of eating and drinking might just start to outweigh the cost of cable, as well as our own weight. 

Not every one is a sports fan, but there are enough in each household that cable cord cutting won't be at much risk till all games can be streamed a la carte.  And that is why broadcast and cable networks are willing to shell out big money for sports rights to air on their channels.  It is the glue that keeps us tuned to cable television.

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