Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Netflix Pushing Family Fare Exclusive Content

Let's face it, sometimes it is hard to say no to your little boy or girl.  And with the rise of tablets, our kids are sharing with each other all the great content they are watching online.  Netflix seems to recognize the value of programming that speaks to the younger audience and pushes their parents to purchase on their behalf.  And Netflix is becoming the must have purchase for the home. 

So, add another reason why more and more families may be buying a Netflix subscription for the Holidays.  "A deal with DreamWorks Animation represents the streaming service's largest push yet into original programming. Turbo F.A.S.T., a 26-episode series based on Turbo, a feature film about racing snails, will be released Dec. 24".  And more kid friendly shows are in the works.  Most importantly, these deals represent exclusive windows in which other streaming platforms won't have access. 

The kid demographic strategy offers a compelling reason for Netflix to pursue.  "Subscribers who watch kids' shows on Netflix tend to use the service more often, (chief content officer Ted) Sarandos says, and presumably see a better return on the $7.99 monthly fee. And kids often watch the same episodes over and over".  And an added benefit for the parents and ultimate purchaser of a Netflix subscription, no advertising to their children.  So given the rush to buy the next iPad or Surface or other mobile device, comes the need to buy content to run it.  And Netflix is making the case for being the perfect stocking stuffer. 

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