Friday, December 6, 2013

NBC's Sound Of Music Steps In The Right Direction

Ahh the challenges of live television, missed marks, fumbled lines, sound issues, but still what a joy to see.  While the acting on last night's show may not be golden, the singing certainly was.  And I must give NBC high marks for doing something that rarely gets done anymore beyond sports and awards shows.  Live Television.  "30 Rock" did it a couple times and now a 3 hour theatrical production.  I have yet to see the ratings but I suspect that many people tuned in to watch.  I also expect to hear that others recorded it to watch at their leisure.  It may have had its flaws, but it is a great plus for broadcast television. 

I must admit to reading with laughter the snarky remarks coming from Twitter.  It offered tremendous fodder for creative commentary.  But it also indicated that many people were watching it.  While I personally like when theatrical shows are shown from the Broadway stage and in front of a live audience, I have to commend the set direction and flow from one set to another as well done.  The acting showed how important it is to have experience on the theatrical stage, but the singing was terrific.  I understand that the music was prerecorded which misses the extra appeal of a live orchestra.  And without an audience to applaud, the timing of the show was unimpeded, letting the production end at the planned time.  But it lacked that extra energy and isn't that what "LIVE" is all about.

So my hope is that broadcasters look at this production as a ratings and financial winner and plan to do more live programming.  It has been long missing on television and is a refreshing change to what is currently being shown. 

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