Friday, December 13, 2013

Aereo Wants A Definitive Ruling

Question, when is a broadcaster not a broadcaster?  When they don't transmit over the air.  And does it matter where an antenna is located to receive those signals and display them on a screen?  According to Aereo, it does not.  Despite all the additional manipulations that Aereo does to move the signal from antenna to home, their bottom line contention is that they have every right as consumers have had to make copies since the days of the VHS tape.  Could they be accused from reselling the signal, costs to rent the antenna and provide additional value to the free signal.  And that seems to be the center of their argument.  So with a number of court victories already, Aereo wants a definitive ruling from the Supreme Court to end this continuous litigation.  "We want this resolved on the merits rather than a wasteful war of attrition,' said Aereo Chief Executive Chet Kanojia in a statement." For Aereo, such a move makes complete sense. 

And while Cablevision is not a fan of Aereo, they don't agree with the broadcasters argument as it relates to "cloud-based technology and future innovation", according to a spokesperson.  And so the issues that the Supreme Court are asked to review are far more complicated than just the acquiring and re-airing of signals.   And until the Supreme Cort decides to rule, lower courts will keep ruling within their jurisdictions. 

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