Monday, November 4, 2013

Is It Time For Just 2 Time Zones?

I just read this article and thought it was worth sharing.  Given the rise of digital technology, communication and immediacy has become more and more important.  "Frequent and uncoordinated time changes cause confusion, undermining economic efficiency. There’s evidence that regularly changing sleep cycles, associated with daylight saving, lowers productivity and increases heart attacks."  How nice would it be to schedule calls between the two coasts and not worry about a 3 hour time difference.  

And how easy would the coordination of broadcast with east coast and west coast feeds to be able to have one feed for the entire country.  Live events at 8 pm on the east coast would be at 7 pm on the west coast.  The recently completed World Series games could actually start an hour earlier and still be prime time on both coasts. 

Ultimately, as the author points out, "The purpose of uniform time measures is coordination. How we measure time has always evolved with the needs of commerce."  It seems it might just be in our economic interests to consider such a plan.

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  1. Andy - good points! China is one time zone and they make it work.