Wednesday, October 9, 2013

See It, Buy It Through Twitter

While Twitter mulls a stock offering, their business strategy continues to progress.  Just announced, a partnership with Comcast to connect Comcast services with Tweets.  "In the first step of the partnership, Comcast engineers created a new feature called “See It” that will give millions of Xfinity TV customers the ability to instantly access TV shows, movies and sports directly from a Tweet."  other opportunities include the ability to one click to services like Fandango to purchase movie tickets.  In addition, "The companies also announced an advertising partnership with NBCUniversal in Twitter’s Amplify program which drives awareness of TV programs by embedding sponsored, real-time video clips in tweets."  Should users embrace these new features, Twitter will indeed have found a whole new set of revenue monetization opportunities to enhance future shareholder appeal.  Get the whole article here

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