Friday, September 13, 2013

What if...Fuse And Maxim Team Up

Two separate news reports that makes one wonder if a connection should be made.  According to the New York Post, MSG may be interested in selling its Fuse music service.  And according to a separate Variety news story, Maxim magazine has been sold to a media company with the intention of starting a Maxim TV Network.  And while the Post thinks that a likely buyer of Fuse could be Mark Cuban's AXS- TV Network, formerly HDNet, I wonder if Maxim might be a more interesting fit.  With a subscriber base of around 65 million homes, Fuse would bring immediate subscribers to a start-up network like Maxim.  Of course there are a number of stand alone cable networks dying to get near 50 million homes who might be willing to pay up to dramatically improve their subscriber base. 

This of course is pure speculation that Fuse is even for sale.  The network has always been a personal passion for its CEO, James Dolan, and he may be hard pressed to want to give up control.  Selling networks has never been easy for the Dolans so we will have to watch and see how it unfolds.  But if they are indeed a seller, I see a Maxim offer as a likely next step. 

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