Friday, September 27, 2013

VOD Matters

Missed last night's shows on CBS, don't worry, CBS will remind you that you can still watch them through video on demand.  As shows are rated based on both live and VOD viewing, it makes sense to continue to promote them and remind viewers of how easy they are to watch, or catch up, before the next new show airs the following week.  "CBS predicts that increased use of video on demand for time-shifted viewing, binge-viewing and catching up with missed episodes will be 'really transformative' for the television business,  Mr. Poltrack (chief research officer, David Poltrak of CBS) said."  Truth is, on demand has been around for a while and consumers have been using it more and more to watch their shows.  In fact, viewers used to record shows on VHS even before DVRs and even before VOD so Mr. Poltrak should also be reminding his audience to record and watch, too.

So why this news during Ad Week?  Perhaps the fact that CBS is promoting series the day they were viewed.  Certainly for shows that are important to the future of CBS for ratings and ad dollars, it makes sense to promote across the Fall Season, not only before its premiere  but after as well.  With so many premieres on so many networks, broadcast and cable, constant promotion, before and after the linear show date, makes sense for building interest and appeal and viewership, whether on linear or DVR or VOD.  Frankly, it sounds like a no brainer.

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