Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Twitter Is The Water Cooler

The more we talk about something, the more people pay attention and watch.  Stand outside at a corner and stare up at a building and others will soon look up too.  It seems that Twitter has that same effect.  The more people that stare up and talk about a TV show, the more likely people will stop and tune in, too.  "A new independent study by Nielsen provides, for the first time, statistical evidence of a two-way causal influence between broadcast TV tune-in for a program and the Twitter conversation around that program."  The correlation certainly seems to make sense as Twitter enables a whisper down the lane approach through retweeting and favoriting interesting tweets.  Extended circles begin to receive this messages and the results lead to viewer actions.  As shows gain more widespread comments, they encourage others to want to also be in the know and have a "shared experience." 

What is also interesting is that there is a two-way causal relationship occurring.  An increase in tweets enhances ratings and ratings growth encourages more tweeting.  A chicken and egg scenario, indeed. A water cooler approach occurring not the day after a show airs but concurrently with the show's time period. 

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets are fast becoming an ideal low cost means to influence TV ratings as well as media including the movies.  We want to know what others think, not just professional critics, but "folks like us" exchanging insights on what they watch, liked or hated. 

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