Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cable Ala Carte Pricing A Nightmare

Do you really want to manage your cable subscription like a menu of choices?  A cable ala carte menu might just start to look like a Chinese menu where you pick 10 choices from column A, 20 from column B and 30 from Column C for one low price with sports networks sold separately.  

 If that approach doesn’t suit your fancy, perhaps it looks more like a sushi menu instead:

Broadcast Networks $1.00 each
ABC ____
CBS ____
FOX ____
NBC ____
PBS ____
WB ____

Entertainment Networks: $0.50 each
AMC ____
Bravo ____
Comedy Central ___
Discovery ____
E! ____
TNT ____

Children/Teen Networks: $0.75 each
ABC Family ____
Disney ____
MTV ____
Nickelodeon ____
Sprout ___

Sports Networks: $2.50 each
CBS Sports ___
ESPN ___
ESPN2 ___
Fox Sports 1 ____
NBC Sports ___

Regional Sports Networks: $5.00 each
MSG ___
YES ___

Managing this approach would be a nightmare.  And as you can see, the cost for receiving every channel would soon be astronomical.  Consumers would ultimately be paying more for less.

1 comment:

  1. Who *wants* every channel? Who would pay for World Fishing Network or Byron Allen's craptastic filler channels?

    I can count the number of channels I'd keep. It's less than 20.